What is the process of becoming a medical scribe?

Applicants selected from the initial application pool will be invited to participate in a panel interview conducted by an MSC representative, a healthcare-site representative, and a member of the medical community. Those selected from the interview process will be provided with preclinical training, the costs for which will be borne by MSC. Following the completion of MSC’s proprietary CAMELOT Medical Scribe Training Program, as well as mandatory training in patient confidentiality, infection prevention, patient management and workplace safety, prospective hires will be tested for their knowledge and competency. Those who have achieved the necessary passing grade on these tests will move on to the final stage of preclinical training, in a classroom-based training and evaluation session. Upon completion of preclinical training, the new Medical Scribe in Training will be offered a probationary contract to last the duration of their clinical training period. Medical Scribes in Training will participate in a site orientation, as well as any other mandatory site-specific training or certifications mandated by the clinic or hospital in question. The Medical Scribe in Training will then complete a minimum of 40 hours clinical training on shift, supervised by both a physician and a Medical Scribe Supervisor. Continuous evaluation and feedback are provided during this time. Once deemed able to work independently by both the Medical Scribe in Training’s Medical Scribe Supervisor and physician, the new hire be recognized as having completed their training and probationary period, and will be considered certified to work as an MSC Medical Scribe.

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