Is the Medical Scribe position paid?

Yes, MSC Medical Scribes are paid, however, the wages for the position are not such that would constitute a viable career option. Work as a medical scribe is intended to be transient; offered to the most qualified applicants as a means of gaining unrivaled clinical experience to help bridge the divide between academics and future careers in medicine. In order to constitute a sustainable business model, we offer physicians medical scribe services at rates that are financially viable and that will result in increased profits. As such, medical scribe wages are comparably set. That being said, we do not want potentially superb medical scribes, who might in turn eventually become superb healthcare providers, being forced to choose alternate employment due to financial necessity. We, therefore, offer hourly rates in line with the majority of other part-time positions in the service industry. Depending on factors such as seniority and responsibility, MSC Medical Scribes are paid an hourly wage ranging from $12/h to $17/h.

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