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The current hiring round is now closed. If you would like to receive an email when recruitment opens in the future, please submit the following information

This is an unparalleled opportunity for current students and post-grads who are looking to pursue careers in healthcare, particularly in medicine.

Working as a medical scribe is an unparalleled opportunity for those looking to pursue careers in healthcare, particularly in medicine. Due to the unquestionably unique experience working directly alongside a physician on the front lines of Canadian healthcare provides, especially considering how small the number of people who are given this opportunity is relative to their peers who are not, competition for a position as an MSC medical scribe is quite fierce. Understandably, we receive numerous applications from students who cannot afford to commit the time necessary to excel as a scribe and instead simply hope to work the bare minimum to pad their Medical School applications. As such, we maintain a policy requiring a minimum of 6 months consistent work before considering writing a reference letter on behalf of one of our scribes, outside of extenuating circumstances.

The position of Medical Scribes is paid, however, the wages for the position are not such that would constitute a viable long-term career option. Work as a medical scribe is intended to be transient; offered to the most qualified applicants as a means of gaining unrivaled clinical experience to help bridge the divide between academics and future careers in medicine. In order to constitute a sustainable business model, we offer physicians medical scribe services at rates that are financially viable and that will result in increased profits. As such, medical scribe wages are accordingly set.  Depending on factors such as seniority and responsibility, MSC Medical Scribes are paid an hourly wage ranging from $15/h to $18/h.

Both part-time and full-time positions are available.