MSC endeavours to improve the delivery of health care across Canada. By investing in ambitious youth and giving them the opportunity to have a central role in the patient’s continuum of care, and by enabling physicians to focus on medicine rather than clerical duties,  we hope to improve the lives of all those involved.

Medical Scribes of Canada

Medical Scribes of Canada was founded in 2014, following an initial pilot study into the feasibility of using medical scribes in a Canadian Emergency Department in response to the substantial physician demand for ongoing scribe services. Since it’s founding, the number of doctors seeking scribe services has continued it’s organic growth, as has MSC.

The key to this success is threefold. For one, as an organization founded by Canadians, for Canadians, MSC is actively striving towards the betterment of our nation’s healthcare system. We work in concert with our clients to provide a service that is tailored exactly to their needs, implementing programs with ties directly into the local community in order to continuously source exemplary scribe candidates. With a system that emphasizes the ongoing involvement of our senior scribes and scribe graduates as mentors in the development of new cohorts, and endeavours to support our scribes in turn as they pursue loftier ambitions, MSC medical scribes become a community in and of themselves.  These connections have permitted MSC to forge lasting relationships with local organizations and academic institutions alike, ensuring a continued output of top tier medical scribes and institutional support.

Secondly, the state of the Canadian Healthcare landscape currently demands innovation to offset it’s increasingly overburdened trajectory. Emergency Department wait times are a documented and growing concern for both the Canadian public and medical personnel. Budgetary constraints call for novel and cost-conscious solutions to address the problem. On top of this, EMR systems are an inevitable eventuality, which while improving documentation, have a proven negative impact on efficiency and wait times. The solution to this problem has demonstrably been the implementation of medical scribes.

Finally, our exemplary service has fuelled the demand for Medical Scribe solutions. Through personalized customer service, highly trained scribes, and proactive administration, MSC has effectively expanded through referral after referral. For our clients, both those current and those yet to engage our services, MSC will continue to develop our infrastructure and our scribes to the highest possible standard. Medical Scribes of Canada is committed to bringing about positive change to Canada’s healthcare landscape. By freeing doctors to focus on delivery of efficient and outstanding care, our scribes better the experience of all those involved: patients, physicians and support staff alike.

Research Articles

For more in-depth articles from Canada and the United States alike expanding on the dramatic impact medical scribes can have on a physician’s practice, follow the link below.

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Clients and Partnerships

Medical Scribes of Canada works in close partnership with numerous organizations to further the delivery of unparalleled medical scribe services. Additionally, we work in cooperation with our specialist clients to further develop the CAMELOT training program to suit their ongoing needs.