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Putting the experience of over 25 years as a physician in the emergency rooms of Canadian hospitals towards revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare in our country. The Canadian healthcare system is a source of national pride, and for it to change to keep pace with the demands of the Canadian population, it must grow from within. Medical Scribes of Canada is the answer.
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What does it take to become an MSC Medical Scribe?

Beyond the innate attributes that are necessary for an individual to become a great scribe; qualities like maturity, professionalism, organizational skills, a strong constitution, a drive to motivate their physician, and the emotional intelligence to navigate the stresses and the stressed of a department, certain objective qualifications are needed. Foremost among them is a commitment to personal betterment as a scribe, through both time and effort. The demands of clinical support work require ongoing effort and a recognition that real progress will only be made through extensive experience. Prospective scribes will also have to demonstrate the skills necessary to efficient and accurate work: evidence of a fast typing speed for electronic medical records and of legible handwriting for written charts. Finally, as with any other competitive position, prospective Medical Scribes…
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Who are our Scribes?

Medical Scribes of Canada hires and trains only the most highly qualified individuals, who demonstrate the promise to excel in the medical professions following their employment. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide ambitious students with the opportunity to gain practical experience ahead of their future studies.  There is a significant lack of clinical work opportunities available in the field of healthcare, and working as a scribe not only provides the chance to make an educated decision as to whether pursuing a career in medicine is suited to the individual but also bolsters their relevant experience should they so choose to do so. In addition to these prospective medical professionals, MSC also hires established medical professionals interested in further clinical exposure, or in the case of retired professionals,…
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Outpatient Physicians

Amongst outpatient physicians, there is increasingly a sense of moving further from the role of doctor towards that of data entry clerk. Physicians working in outpatient clinics invariably spend hours at the office after their shifts in order to complete the medical documentation that has piled up throughout the day. MSC Medical Scribes are trained according to specialty and site-specific requirements to effectively manage EMR systems, manage patient workflow and provide real-time documentation of patient visits, allowing the physician to end their day on time and get home to their family. Read More
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Inpatient Physicians

The benefits of medical scribes extend to physicians of all specialties, including those working in the wards. For inpatient physicians who find themselves encumbered with clerical duties and who have a drive to not only improve the efficiency of their delivery of care but its caliber as well, medical scribes are the answer. Through decreased times to admission and faster patient rounds, MSC medical scribes will facilitate the hospitalist to provide superior patient-centered care. Read More
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Emergency Physicians

In the Emergency Department, scribes provide direct support to their physician by helping to manage workflow, concurrently documenting cases, and taking over ancillary clerical duties, all with the aim of improving efficiency.  As the average number of patient visits to Canada’s EDs continues its steady rise, there is an ever-increasing demand on Emergency Physicians to handle more patients, faster. On top of this, as EMR systems begin to be implemented in departments across the country, concerns about a loss of productivity due to unwieldy programs are being realized. MSC provide a turnkey solution to these issues. Read More
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